Personal Training

Personal Training
What makes Next Level Fitness different


We believe our experience sets us apart from many trainers. We have worked with clients who have

traditional weight and fat loss goals, but we have also worked with clients who have had physical

challenges that made achieving results harder. For example we have worked with clients who have

suffered from: degenerative disc disorder, post chemotherapy, post bariatric surgery, MS, Fibromyalgia,

joint replacements, pre/post natal and many more.

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Our Method


We believe that fitness should be simple to understand. Our goal is to provide our clients with workouts

that challenge their muscular and cardiovascular system simultaneously to achieve maximum output.

We don’t believe in working out to complete muscle failure. We believe, however, that every

movement should matter and our program promotes movements that improve strength, flexibility and

most importantly help you workout without hurting yourself.


Is Personal Training for you?


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to be pushed to your physical and mental best or doesn’t

like consistent challenge in a positive and instructive way than Personal Training isn’t for you. Personal

Training is for clients who are results focused and want to be educated about best lifestyle practices

when it comes to exercise and nutrition.


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