Squash Movement/Fitness Program

Our Method

  • Video Analysis of your gait while your moving with analysis and breakdown
  • We will provide a comprehensive assessment on what is preventing you from achieving your speed and quickness objective
  • We will show you how to correct bad foot placement, bad postural gait, over striding and other movement issues that may be costing you points and games due to not getting to the ball
  • We will coach you how to effectively warm up and recruit all the muscle groups needed to change directions quickly, with agility, speed and accuracy
  • We will coach you on in match scenarios and how to use your reactive speed and quickness to get out of tough situations
  • We will coach you to improve your reaction time for squash matches
  • We will coach you to improve your endurance and muscular strength
  • You will improve your stability strength and neurological uptake of information while you are playing squash which will improve your racket position and contact
  • We will coach your in game mental fatigue associated with long matches

Hear what the Pros have to say...


Q: How long do sessions last?

A: Anywhere from 45 mins to 1.5 hours depending on level of athlete and tournament schedule

Q: What can I expect as a result of my training?

A: Results vary from player to player, but depending on the level of commitment, you can expect that your reaction time will improve, your foot speed will improve, you will get in and out of your breaks cleaner, agility and core strength will improve and your conditioning as well

Q: Does this movement program take away from my existing program with my squash coach?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! In fact, our Next Level Squash Movement Academy enhances the squash skills you will receive with your coach.  Think of it this way, your Squash Coach teaches you how to drive the Lamborghini, we give you the engine, transmission and suspension.

Q: How is squash training different from personal training?

A: Squash training focuses on the movements and physical demands for the game of squash.  This includes multi-directional speed training, flexibility (soft tissue training), reactive training and much more.  Our Next Level Squash Movement Program addresses all of your needs to move at your highest level possible

Q: I am just getting into squash as a junior, should I wait until my squash skills improve?

A: Our program works in harmony with squash coaching programs, however we recommend that you start on our movement program immediately when starting

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