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Our clients love us and they want to tell you about their experience with us.  Everyone’s journey is different and we want every single client to create their own success story!


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Sedentary to Active


If I can do can you!

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  • An aspirin a day…

    “Working out with Next Level Fitness is not only fun but you will see the results you want! Come in for a trial session and you will want to sign up …and take an aspirin the next day for all your sore muscles :)”

     – results may vary

    Paula R

  • Bad days won’t slow you down

    “The best thing about Micah is his awesome attitude. He makes you want to show up no matter how bad of a day you’re having and every second of working out is fun even while you’re getting your butt kicked. Everything is so organized. You get your appointment times emailed to you and billing is painless.”


     – results may vary

    Zaina A

  • A program that meets my needs…

    ” Micah Logan is an excellent trainer. The sessions are fun. The results
    are profound: I feel stronger and look better. Micah designed individual
    exercise sets and programs that challenge me and keep me interested.
    My husband and I work out together and Micah provides us with
    changing programs that always meet both our needs. He is the best!”


    results may vary

    D&C. Nartonis

  • Mental and physical exercise

    “Micah’s version of personal training includes a great mix of physical
    and mental exercise. The physical side is difficult, because it should be.
    The mental side is fun…just keeping up with his witty repartee.”


     – results may vary

    E. Silverman

  • Middle Age, wont slow him down!

    Micah and team are  by far the best! I am a middle aged under exercised male
    and I used to hate the machines and big gyms, but ever since I worked
    with Next Level Fitness I feel better and look better than I ever have.


     – results may vary

    L. Kutner

  • Small, but powerful, just look at me!

    Ambiance: small but quaint, they maximize the utility of this 500sq ft unit.

    Service: professional yet not uptight. Micah and his team push you to your max and then some! I lost 10lbs in 2 months and have definition in areas of my body that I could never tone prior to next level fitness

    Overall, amazing experience! See y’all at the studio!


    -results may vary

    Y Elsayed

  • A fit life after injury? You can do it!!

    After injuring my hip, I sought a trainer with the experience and
    knowledge to assist me not only in recovery but also in improving my
    general level of fitness.  Micah Logan’s understanding of physiology and
    sports injuries, coupled with his very broad expertise in training, has
    greatly helped me.  I’m lucky to have found Micah among the sea of far
    less knowledgeable trainers.

    The ultimate confirmation?  When a building resident, who hadn’t been
    using our fitness facility for some months, stopped me in the lobby to tell
    how much progress I had made.


    -results may vary

    William M

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