Experience Transformation

Inclusive, Effective Personal Training

You deserve a welcoming, friendly approach that delivers real results

The key is, don’t go it alone.

You deserve a program that fits your unique fitness and wellness goals. You deserve room to breathe when you train, not an overcrowded faceless gym that leaves you alone to awkwardly roam the weight room before turning around and heading back to the elliptical for 20 minutes. Yeah, we see you!

We achieve more together. We are not meant to struggle without support.

That’s why we developed Next Level Fitness. We want you to build community and be 1 of 4, not one of 32.  We are genuinely the “Cheers” of gyms. Your body responds to feeling “at home” that’s why our welcoming vibe is wildly important.

Kickstart Your Unique Fitness Journey

How do you build healthier habits & a happier life?

True transformation requires a plan, and the first 30 days are crucial. It takes time for your brain to catch up with your body and truly absorb the gradual changes we are going to ask you to make.

But you’re never left alone. That’s a bad neighborhood.

Training with compassionate experts in a friendly community provides you the support you need to actually stick with your goals. Because it is joyful here.

Speaking of neighborhoods, we’re in two convenient ones.

North End (133 Endicott St)

Winthrop (354 Main St)

Training that lacks joy, lacks results.

It All Starts with the first 14 Days

Here’s How We Ensure Your Success

Our 14 day kickstarter program creates the foundation for your transformation. But what can actually be accomplished in just 14 days you may be mumbling to yourself?

The Answer:

  • You will feel better

  • You’ll have more confidence

  • You will begin the process of cultivating TRUE habit change

You will also see MEASURABLE results.


This is where it gets interesting

here’s what’s included in your 14 Day Kickstarter:

  • Initial Strategy Session So We Can Get To Know Your Body and Goals
  • Customized Meal Plan & Supplement Plan Specific to Your Body and Goals
  • Road Mapping Plan: We Will Show You How To Reach Your Goals
  • 3 days per week of Small Group Training Sessions for 14 days (Let’s get to work!)
  • Accountability Text/Calls from your coach so we can make so you are staying focused and accountable, especially with those hard to break habits

The first step is to apply, and then we’ll schedule your initial free consultation



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