1. you wouldn’t miss this…

    You know the things that make you happy. Your favorite foods, music, TV shows, movies and even people in your life that you can’t get enough of. This is the stuff that you really enjoy. It’s the stuff that makes your life worth living. Somewhere on the list is your health and appearance. You kno…Read More

  2. Do You Eat Too Much?

    Are you larger today than ever before? It’s no secret that the size of the average adult has expanded over the last forty years…and studies show that potion sizes have grown right along with us. Researchers from New York University found that average portion sizes started to grow in the 1970’s…Read More

  3. Every Little Bit Counts

    There’s something that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know… In fact, I believe that this is the biggest secret to attaining that perfectly fit body that you’ve wanted for so many years. It’s not that you aren’t trying to workout and eat right, it’s just that you haven’t bee…Read More

  4. The Ideal You

    Health has been the world’s focus over the past several weeks. Staying healthy. Avoiding contamination. Stacking the odds in your favor. This is exciting for me, since I’ve been beating the drum of health and fitness for years – way before we even knew what COVID19 was. That’s right—I’ll…Read More

  5. 9 Benefits of Strength Training

    There used to be a time when very few adults included strength training in their fitness routine. It was thought of as extreme, unnecessary and even dangerous. Strength training is when resistance is used to challenge your muscles in order to gain strength and endurance. It can be performed with tra…Read More

  6. Basic Fat Loss Math

    Would you like to be 50 pounds lighter just 12 months from now? Can you image how you would look? You’d look like a whole new, younger person. It’s actually much easier than you think, and I’m not talking about invasive, costly surgery, or grueling routines. All it takes is losing one pound ea…Read More

  7. Your fastest track to fat loss

    If you have weight to lose, then this message is meant specifically for you. Through my work with clients over the years, I’ve come to learn the fastest track to fat loss, and I’d like to share it with you today. First, I’d like to ask you a few questions. At this stage in your life, have you …Read More

  8. Are you ready for the next level?

    You are at the starting line of a brand new decade. The air is charged with possibility. Opportunity is all around you… This decade will inevitably pass quickly. In a flash, it will be gone, and you will be 10 years older than you are today. Other than 10 more trips around the sun, what do you wan…Read More

  9. Simple fitness habit you’re not doing

    Start the new year off with this easy yet effective fitness habit, something that I can almost guarantee you’re not doing. By making this small change to your daily routine you’ll quickly find those unwanted pounds coming off quickly and easily. ***Warning: This fitness habit is going to sound s…Read More

  10. What Happens After 100 Workouts

    Feel like I'm back to my old self! Are typically the words spoken after our members reach 100 workouts. This is because something special happens usually when you hit 100 workouts. What is it? "The groove", that's right, stella got it back and John Travolta felt it in Saturday Night Fever.  Getting…Read More