1. Do You Eat Too Much?

    Are you larger today than ever before? It’s no secret that the size of the average adult has expanded over the last forty years…and studies show that potion sizes have grown right along with us. Researchers from New York University found that average portion sizes started to grow in the 1970’s…Read More

  2. Simple fitness habit you’re not doing

    Start the new year off with this easy yet effective fitness habit, something that I can almost guarantee you’re not doing. By making this small change to your daily routine you’ll quickly find those unwanted pounds coming off quickly and easily. ***Warning: This fitness habit is going to sound s…Read More

  3. Are you sure your dinner is healthy?

    This is your year to finally lose the weight and get fit…and it all starts with dinner. You may be exercising hard, getting plenty of sleep and staying diligent in your hydration, but if you’re eating the wrong food for dinner then sadly you will never reach your goals. Most dinners are too high…Read More

  4. When Fruit Sabotages Results!

    Most of us consider fruit to be healthy – something that we can enjoy without restraint. And while fresh fruit does contain essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, the market place has been flooded with "fruit products" that are sabotaging your fat loss results. Is any product with the word "fruit…Read More