1. Chocolate Mint Shake

    Protein shakes are a fantastic way to fuel your muscles after a great workout, but simply combining protein powder and water can be pretty boring. I’ve found that adding ice and a few other strategic ingredients can turn that boring protein shake into dessert, while keeping it healthy and fit. Ble…Read More

  2. 19 Awesome Reasons to Exercise Today

    19 Awesome Reasons to Exercise Today I know it's summer and you have exciting places to go and things to do. But wait! Did you forget about your workout? Again? Lots of people fall off the exercise wagon during summer months due to vacations, taking care of kids home for the summer months, and other…Read More

  3. Kiss Trigger Foods Good-Bye For Good!

    Replace Your Trigger Foods Many people who struggle with their weight feel powerless to cravings. Have you ever experienced this? When the urge to eat something bad comes over so strongly that you feel you have no choice but to give in? Then, when it's over, you feel awful that you've eaten all thos…Read More

  4. How To Kill the Junk Food

    The Junk Has Got To Go Today I'm going to dole out a little tough love, so brace yourself and know that this is for your own good. It's time that we had an uncomfortable little talk about a very important issue... That junk food in your house. You know the stuff that I'm talking about. The ice cream…Read More

  5. The Domino Effect

    The Domino Effect Ever notice how one seemingly insignificant poor decision snowballs into another, then another, then another? Let me give you an example... Monday morning at 6am your alarm starts blaring. Instead of getting right up and arriving to your scheduled workout on time, you hit snooze an…Read More

  6. Eat this Not That!

    7 Foods to NEVER eat Are you eating the wrong foods? I see it happen all the time...fitness results that are thrown away by eating the wrong foods. Don't let this be you. You workout hard, so keep your results by avoiding the following 7 foods: 1) Don't Eat White Pasta White pasta will never be OK t…Read More


      The sad truth is that more than 90 percent of gym goers fail to achieve the level of results they want—even after a full year of faithfully going through their routine. Maybe you can relate. It doesn’t have to be this way. I believe that you deserve to get the highest level of results pos…Read More


      Recover From Your Crazy Weekend. You know how it feels to wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of less-than-healthy eating… Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight. Maybe you are feeling that way right now. I’ve outlined the 5 steps below to get …Read More


      We’ve all heard that snacking is great for the metabolism…but have you taken it too far? In other words, your excessive snacking may be killing your fitness results. Let’s face it, there are only so many extra calories that the body can take before it adds those on as unwanted fat. Even…Read More


      Today childhood obesity is a major concern among parents and the medical community. This generation of kids is less active and more obese than any generation before. Wouldn’t it be great if your kids naturally enjoyed exercise? If this were the case then childhood obesity wouldn’t be the …Read More