Feel like I’m back to my old self!

Are typically the words spoken after our members reach 100 workouts.

This is because something special happens usually when you hit 100 workouts.

What is it? “The groove”, that’s right, stella got it back and John Travolta felt it in Saturday Night Fever.  Getting yourself back in the groove happens when your actions and your mind meet!  That’s right, when you are doing the actions of someone who wants to change and are mentally steadfast that is when you’ve hit your groove.

Is there a particular reason why 100 workouts is the specific number?

No everyone changes at their own rate and their own pace, but what we’ve found at Next Level Fitness, is that when our members hit 100 workouts they are less likely to slow down their workouts and more likely to stick to their programs long term.  Granted it can be a slog to get to 100 workouts, but with determination and a solid plan you can make it happen.  the biggest thing we’ve seen with clients over the years is that when people want to change the most they try to do too much too soon and they end up crashing and burning.

The key is, that you should take one component at a time and work with that.  So that means, first try to simply just show up and make ALL of your workouts.  Then try to add an eating plan after you’ve made 95% of your workouts for 2 months straight.

Here’s how your body will change in 100 days.

Your energy will increase, your body fat will decrease, your strength will increase and your clothes will fit much better.  100 days may seem like a long time, but in reality it is the “magic pill” to change your body composition.  So, do it, give it 100 days and experience the amazing results that 100 days of workout out will bring.  Oh, and if you need help let us know.  We are here to help you.  Your first 100 days starts with the first 30, click here to learn how to supercharge your first 30 days of working out!

Click here to learn how to supercharge your first 30 days of working out!