You have probably heard from every fitness expert or self help guru on earth about how to increase motivation for things like exercise. A lot of their principles of organizing oneself have good practical application and value but as always the hardest part is actually in the doing of what is suggested. So to make it easy I am going to give you three simple ways to kick start your fitness motivation:

  1. Input your exercise into your mobile device calendar – One of the reasons I recommend putting your gym workout in your mobile calendar because it gives you reminders and alerts that you can set to pop up right on your device. Make sure you schedule your alert an hour ahead of time to give yourself time to mentally prepare for your workout
  2. Get your gym bag ready the night before and put on your passenger seat in your car – The next step to keeping yourself honest with your fitness program is to try and eliminate the chance that you will forget your gym stuff at home and then be “forced” to have to make the hard choice as to whether or not you’re going to skip the gym that day.
  3. Bring a friend – One of the best ways to stay motivated is to have a support system. Someone who can call you or you can call that is willing to go to the gym with you. Here’s the caveat though, you should choose a friend who is already in the rythym of going to the gym on their own. Even if you don’t workout with them, the fact that you can arrive together will be motivation enough for you not to waste your time and you will get a workout in while you’re there.

These three tips may seem simplistic, but that’s because they are. The key to any advice that’s given, is to make the action steps related to the advice clear and understandable. I hope this helps you in your quest for motivation.

Here’s to your success,