Often when people think about starting a fitness program they only focus on the physical aspects of the program leaving the mental part of achieving health and fitness goals out in the cold. This prompted me to write this blog post about how my most successful clients actually hit their goals and accomplish personal best.

Breaking bad habits in humans is associated with the same part of the brain that responds to torture, so no doubt it is painful when you have to break a habit that you’ve had for many years. Without having mental exercises and a plan to change your mindset you could find yourself with much to be desired in the motivation department. So all of this prompts the question, how can I change my negative mindset so I can succeed in my fitness program? The answer is both simple and hard….easy to say, but hard to do. It has to do with making your mentality match your future goals. That means you have to use your mental power to overcome feelings of failure and fatigue. Of course the question is how, well here are five ways you can increase your mental power:


  1. Get a good nights sleep – Go to bed the same time every night (if you can), make sure you are getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night
  2. Be proud of yourself – It takes strength just to recognize that you have to make a change in your life and of course it takes even more strength to take the first step to accomplishing your goals. Never allow someone to dampen your enthusiasm for your goal or make you feel bad about the progress you’ve made
  3. Take imperfect action – Don’t wait for the absolute right opportunity to change things in your life. Don’t wait until you go grocery shopping or until next Monday or until the Doctor tells you, you have to make a change. Start today and take baby steps towards your goals.
  4. Focus on the positive – There will be many things that test the power of your positivity perhaps negativity from family or friends or even self doubt, but remember why you decided to change your life and set your goal. It’s because you wanted to become a better version of yourself. Be positive about where you will be a year from now and do something everyday to move forward towards your goals.
  5. Shape your environment – In order to build a building, contractors have to first scout out the best site, prepare the area and lay the foundation. By shaping your environment it will help you stay in your new positive mindset and encourage you to take actions that directly affect your end goal. Here are some of the things that you should do to shape your environment: clean your office space, use to do list and notes, ruthlessly manage your time, prepare, prepare, prepare.

Here’s to your success,