Everyone has varying levels of confidence, some of us can just walk into the bosses office and ask for A raise, while others agonize for weeks over how exactly they will approach the boss to ask for the raise. While limits and modesty certainly have a place and help us maintaining focus on where we currently are, we should always seek to continue to exercise the limits we place on ourselves in a positive way to test and see whether or not we have the chance to push through our current level of tolerance. Often I deal with clients that have these self-imposed limitations, The limitations that they experience are usually just mental hurdles that they put themselves through almost like a safeguard. The reality is that we must consciously push ourselves mentally to be better. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time changing your daily narrative. Every day you have to believe that you’re going to make a greater impact than you did yesterday, every day you have to believe that you are valuable, every day you have to believe that the world can learn from you and you have something to share with others. The best way to push through your limits, is to not act like the limits don’t exist, but to Believe that your will is stronger than your limit. That’s why every morning being the best starts with mental prep work that includes meditating on the positive aspects of things that bring joy and the small accomplishments you’ve made the previous day, but to also realize that you have the ability to make similar changes today. People who are not successful use limits as an excuse, people who are successful use limits as a gauge to figure out just how much harder they have to push themselves to accomplish their goals.

Practical Steps to take

So here are three exercises that you can use to help you push through your limits:

  • Visualize your end goal
  • Embrace the difficult, and use it to build your will to accomplish your goals
  • Eliminate anyone or anything that prevents you from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Here’s to your success,