Much has been written about the “power of yes”, but I wanted to give my take on this motto. Over the years I have succeeded and I have failed. I’ve been given opportunities that many people would dream of and some people would cringe at. The biggest factor, though, in my professional life and in many ways in my personal life has been my ability to say “yes”. What does saying “yes” refer to? Well often this refers to taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way and instead of defaulting to our natural pessimistic, fearful view of things we should say yes. Now this doesn’t meant that you say yes to something that is harmful for you, but when the opportunity presents itself for you to do something bigger than is normally in your natural scope, than you seize it.

I’ve realized that many of the opportunities that I’ve had in my life have come first from people who believed in me and my abilities. By rejecting these opportunities you could be closing doors before they are even opened to helping you move forward. In my experience this is the worst form of regret to have, the feeling that you didn’t take advantage of something that could have shown you who you truly could be if given the “opportunity”. When you say yes to things and start to think outside the box, you will truly discover your full self and what you have to offer. The restraining of oneself for reasons of fear of the unknown is what separates people who leave a mark or accomplish life goals, from those who just exist in their space, claustrophobic since they are crowded with regrets.

You will truly experience what life has to offer once you start saying “yes”, once you start believing that beyond the fear, negativity and short sighted thinking lies what we truly strive for, accomplishment and satisfaction. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve done all you can with everything you’ve been granted. The question is, will we allow negativity from others or even our thoughts prevent us from being the best form of ourselves that we truly can be? The answer dwells with your response to Yes or No? Say Yes!!

Here’s to your success,