What are some of the adjectives you use to describe yourself? tall, short, light skinned, dark skinned, happy, dumpy lean. Do you use the right adjectives to describe yourself? like powerful, confident, successful, kind, giving or worthy? Well you should, by changing your own personal narrative you can change your outcome on most of the activities you engage in. In a recent Forbes Article it mentions “what you put your attention on, amplifies your reality”. So if you call yourself stupid, fat, idiot, dummy, things like this, then that becomes your reality. So then how do you change your reality into what you want, change your narrative. Say to yourself today is going to be a good day because “I am the best version of myself”. If you are going for a job interview, tell yourself: “I am the best candidate for this job”. If you are looking to change your body to get in better shape tell yourself “I deserve to look better and be better”. Only by changing how you see yourself in the mirror will you change your reality.

Happy Tuesday,