We know that this time of year many of you have questions about how to stay fit and improve your body. Knowledge is truly the best way to combat some of the myths that are out there about how to stay in shape and avoid falling in the trap of drinking magic potions and special blends that claim all you have to do is ingest them and no exercise and you will lose weight. It is clear that most Americans still need to make lifestyle adjustments but continue to be mislead by “snake oil” salesman who would rather profit off of people who don’t know what they’re doing and how to do it.

You even have to be careful of what you search for on the internet, not just trusting anything you hear about dieting and exercising. In order to combat some of the myths that exist I have started a series called “Trainer Talk”, where you can submit questions to real Trainers who have experience working with clients that perhaps have some of the same legitimate questions as you. ——-Watch Video Here

When I’ve interviewed Personal Trainers in the past and asked them why they chose to become Personal Trainers, almost all of them said because they wanted to “make a difference” in clients lives. That is what we strive to do with Trainer Talk — Watch Video Here—, is to make a difference in lives of people who do not know better and are trying to improve their lives.

The video quality of this episode is not the greatest because this was filmed in the early days of Trainer Talk, but the information is still valuable. Emjoy, new episodes of Trainer Talk start February 11th, 2016 at 8pm. —Watch Video Here—

Here’s to your success,