The Level Up Formula©

We are so much more than just a workout.  When you come to Next Level Fitness you are entering an experience.  Our Level Up Formula © is our unique way of guaranteeing our members results.  After years of trying to get motivated and accomplish their goals our clients have finally found our formula is not just helping them accomplish their fitness and wellness goals but creating good habits and results for life.


What Is The Level Up Formula©?

E+N+A = Results

E = Exercise programmingOur workouts are scientifically based to give you the best results possible.  We have three distinct type of workouts that work on your complete fitness needs.

Next Level StrengthThis small group program is specifically designed to progressively improve strength over time

Next Level ShredThis small group is specifically designed to improve metabolic conditioning.  We use MyZone heart rate technology to tune your metabolic process to burn the most calories.  With this small group you will see an increase in EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which means you will continue to experience the “after-burn” of the workout and burn calories after the workout has ended

Next Level Total Body – This small group program strategically targets all of the major muscles in the body with every workout.  Every time you experience the Total Body program you will leave feeling your entire body has been worked

N = Nutritional ProgrammingWe combine our scientifically designed workouts with a two pronged attack.  You will be given both a meal plan template and access to our practitioner grade and peer reviewed supplements that have been designed to deliver the proper dosages of what is on the label.  You will also have access to food logging, right on your phone and you can connect your Myzone Belt and Fitbit to your food logging program.

A = Accountability ProgrammingWe are second to none when it comes to accountability.  Our coaching calls/text come after every workout that you have with us.  We want to be an active part of your improved fitness plan and we will make sure that you succeed when you’re not around so we are in constant contact with you in between workouts, you are NEVER alone

The Schedule

We offer a variety of small groups on a daily basis, check out our schedule on our schedule page by clicking the link below

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